Self Disrupt or Self Destruct


Posted by Anthony Teles 1 year ago

Adoption of tech is key to create prototypes.

The founders of Airbnb had the faintest clue that their little idea would explode like it has. A few mattresses in an apartment catapulted into a hospitality revolution. A willingness to experiment and know-how to ride the tailwinds of technology are cornerstones for modern success. You may be a job-hopper or eyeing a career change. Not only are you in good company, but you have been for some time now. The U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics states that the typical adult worker has held jobs for an average of five years – not just today, but since the 1980s. The worker who stays with their company for decades is a rare animal.

This is not the time to stay with a job just for the sake of one. Playing it safe has become a risk. The fast-paced, ever-changing digital world is becoming the norm. In the next decade, the majority of workers will be Millennials. Producers and consumers alike will be constantly online, always with a device on-hand, and expecting personalized products and services delivered as quick as can be. Staying focused on one idea, one job, or one career path is too narrow-minded for a world such as this one.

With this immense challenge comes freedom like never before. It is never too late for you to learn something new. With such rapid changes, life-long learning is the only sure-fire educational method. Just as Airbnb disrupted the hotel industry, you need to be willing to disrupt your own path. This can be as simple a step as studying a new skill, like coding, that will grow in importance in the coming years. It could be as large a leap as leaving your current job to be an entrepreneur or start a new career path.

If you are playing exciting roles in your current company, such as finding new ways to bring value to your customers, you may not have to heed this call. You are a sustaining innovator and on a promising path. On the other hand, if you feel stagnant and stuck in your company role, disruptive innovation may be the answer. Not doing so puts you at risk should the nature of your industry be upended by an unexpected start-up or technological advancements. You do not want to be a Blockbuster amidst a sea of Netflixes.

This is the time for risks, path changes, and new ideas. For every feeling of fear and anxiety you might experience, there is equal excitement and growth. Enroll in a course. Apply for a new job. Start your own business. This is the time to either self-disrupt or self-destruct. The choice is yours.