How do you innovate?


Posted by Sidd Ramdas 1 year ago

Innovation is a product of imagination.

You yearn to make an impact. We all do. Our countless ancestors were similarly eager people, lacking the means to have a large-scale influence on the planet. You and I, however, live in a very different world. Ours is one in which great ideas have the technological means to take off like never before. Evolutions and revolutions now happen on a regular basis, at an excitingly terrifying pace. How will you survive? How might you thrive? We can find some answers in San Francisco, California about ten years ago – modernity’s ancient history.

In 2007, Brian Chesky, Nathan Blecharczyk, and Joe Gebbia of San Francisco set up mattresses in their loft. They figured they could make some easy rent money by offering people a place to sleep. Airbnb has since taken the hotel and short-term rental world by storm. Two years later, fellow San Franciscans Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp founded a transportation company amidst a sea of already existing taxicab services. Today, Uber is a global giant of the industry.

Had these risk-takers been born generations earlier, ingenuity alone would have struggled to take them beyond being a local success story. But our generation is one of tweets, posts, likes, and shares. Word-of-mouth, the bringer of business stretching back to our ancient ancestors, has now been supercharged via modern technology. Yet for all their similarities, these two tech tales have an important difference.

Uber started by targeting the same customers and needs of existing services (taxis). Airbnb, on the other hand, acted as a cheap alternative. They drew the attention of people looking for inexpensive places to sleep other than pricey hotels. Both Uber and Airbnb are innovators equipped with modern technology. Uber did so through sustaining innovation, offering a similarly-priced service to taxis. But disruptive innovators such as Airbnb offer low-cost options that industry juggernauts will overlook. Your disruptive idea needs little overhead to take off, grow in size, and capsize your industry. Your competitors will never see you coming.

We live in an age of companies innovating at such a pace that innovation itself has become the norm. Technology, data, and ideas seem boundless. The sheer amount of things that can be learned and paths that can be undertaken are staggering. This is where Innovation Wire steps in. Our goal is to aid you in the decluttering of data and navigating of paths. We ensure that the right information and optimal technology is in your hands, which creates a work environment of design thinking and paves the way for innovative success. Curve will be a flagship innovation event, presenting tools, methods, and technologies so that your organization can align itself with its goals.

However you innovate, Innovation Wire will guide you through it. As changes flood your industry at rapid fire pace, you can proceed with confidence in every evolutionary step and revolutionary leap.