Hi! We are Innovation Wire - Our mission is to educate, innovate and help leaders apply innovative technologies to address their companies' growth challenge.

Innovation Wire is a hub for innovators, technologists, futurists and impact-drivers. Our innovative workshops and summits empower individuals and organisations with the mindset, skillset, and network to build breakthrough solutions that leverage emerging technologies like robotics, artificial intelligence, IoT and blockchain. We are partnering with a community of entrepreneurs, companies, investors and academic institutions to create a more empowered future.

We serve our audiences with a range of selected workshops and products to help them understand emerging technologies and how to apply them to create a positive impact. Our stunning workshops & summits are designed to inspire and prompt action.



We apply integrated thinking to all our workshops and summits to inspire you to gain actionable insights


We help you apply a growth mind-set to solve for growth problems


We find world class subject matter experts to guide and shape your thinking


We structure our workshops to help you take action and implement for outcomes


We help you design and deliver open innovation projects being part of your team or bringing you the right level of expertise to help you navigate


Innovation Wire was born out of a drive to innovate, inspire innovation, and connect innovators. This modern-day project with international roots is a collaboration of minds in the United Kingdom and Canada. We believe innovation in companies is a necessity today to protect market share and organisation boundaries. It has become the very definition of who you are today, and what you will be tomorrow.

We can help you shape your success story. Our story is providing you the right tools, techniques, method and toolkit to make this change happen.