Sidd Ramdas


A technologist with several years of business transformation experience involved through the enter life-cycle of a change programme, Sidd has several years of experience in technology and management consulting for FTSE 100 clients.

Troy Norcross

Blockchain Strategy Director

Specialising in value proposition development for digital businesses with a current emphasis on blockchain, Troy runs his own strategy consultancy working with both enterprise and startup clients to help them define their core value propositions, business models and go to market strategies.

Pravash Dey

Disruptor-in-Chief, USIBC

A serial entrepreneur, mentor and philanthropist (Rotarian), Pravash is the founder of Consulting Leaders Ltd (UK), VC Fund India, StartUp Bus Tour (India), Mobile Technology Park (India) and Enterprise India Foundation (Global).

Anthony Teles

Content Specialist

A writer for online and television, Anthony Teles thrives on creating engaging content for today's world. His body of work ranges from articles on technology and education to scripts for children's TV.

Faye Anne

Inbound Marketing

Faye specialises in Customer Experience and Success, with over 10 years of experience. She now focuses on deploying SEO and inbound marketing, email & social media strategies to drive customer acquisition.